Katie Traverso – We miss you.

Its been over a year now and thought I would come back and re-edit my dedication to you.

I will keep this short, it has been a pleasure shooting with you.  I miss our friendship, our talks, and from time to time wonder why what happened.. happened.  Its been a journey since you have left us.  days I wonder what had happened, and try to piece everything together.. rumors from jealous people, remarks from people you knew etc.. I am happy you had opened up in our convos and got to know you personally.  How you trusted our shoots and trusted me in general.  I have one of you images up on the wall, in respect of our time together.  Your family and those close to you I assure you loved you very much.  I had shot with Raven one of your friends and another one recently who let me know some other things.   We all miss you greatly and hope that you have found a nice little corner of Heaven for your self.  Like I said I will keep this short.  It was an honor shooting with you.  may god bless you and keep you close in heaven.  Miss you.

Cory Clements

2 thoughts on “Katie Traverso – We miss you.

  1. Paul George says:

    Nicely done Cory. What a great and fitting tribute. My condolences to her family and all that knew her.

    Paul G.

  2. Amanda Ferri says:

    Beautiful Cory! Such a tradgedy for all who knew her.

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