Monthly Archives: May 2013

Human compassion

Human compassion is part of human nature. No religion or non religion can ever take it away. I sit back and watch one religion. And watch an aethiest and christian go at it. Why? cause of there PERSONAL beliefs. We look for reasons to fight for no just causes.. we are driven into a darkness because mans ego to be right for being told we were wrong. We get a glimpse of the infinite when a baby is born into this world. Every marker we make in life at the present moment goes down in history as a great cause for humanity or slumbering fall into darkness. I could care less what religion you are. I could care less what church you attend. I could care less if you do not believe in a god. I will hit you with stone could facts. 1. An aethiest, simply will disappear and not have an after life. There light will be eternally extiniquished. This is it for them. Nothing more. 2. A satanist will live in eternal pain and suffering. They will burn forever and ever. 3. A good “religious person” (to save time instead of going through each religion) will reap the rewards.  Through out time this has been the consences. Every “organization” has there freak shows. No matter which one you belong to. It all comes down to what YOU as an individual believe. We have wars cause of ORGANIZED religion this is very true! And i dont agree with it. But thats just me.. you seeing the point now. An aethiest SHOULD be able to be friends with a catholic or christain or whatever… and NOT be judged for religious reasons! Oh shit hes christian i hate him! When has humanity become so distained… ? We have made a mockery of out humanity… lost and a drift with no where to go except fighting eachother. When you see a homeless man do you look at him consider his religion and then decide to give him a couple coins.. NO.. you look you see and you wonder how did he get there. Or turn a blind eye.. if you are a kind person and can spare a few minutes you bring him a coffee and a sandwich so he has something warm and food to eat. My logic is not far from any of you. A religion or non religion SHOULD NEVER dicatate what a person is. Life for the greater good should ALWAYS be cherished!  We have lost sight of what REALLY matters.. LIFE. No matter what your belief system we are more common then which god you believe or disbelieve. Religion has become to perverse and aethism is trying to become organized… my theory us this we as humans were given free will.. from some divine meaning or just at random however you want to see it. What we do with it determines an outcome. I go to the store i buy a chocolate bar for my self for later… i eat it later. This is simple LAW. FATE determines everything. It is the one thing that exists that cannot be changed. Fate is absolute. Trying to change fate is in fate itself. Fate is time. Time is the essence of all that is. Past present future. No religion no human nothing can change this. Some people will say god has done some people will say something else. But fact remains fate and time are one unit. The reason i write this is simply because we cannot control the past. We cannot control the future. The only moment we have is the very second where we stand. Every beat brings us closer to the grave. Human compassion is within every single one of us. Every thread we add to the weave paints a picture of a life on this little planet. This planet houses many religions.. skin colors.. talented people..  and much much more. You have a choice its a simple choice but the work for some will be hard. Would you rather live a life of laughter and bliss or a life of “will my neighbour rob me?” Truly the choice is yours. Let people believe what they want and move on. Work towards a better community. (Yea right hippie) far from… lol. We always talk about a happy living.. yet … we fall prey everytime. Post a positive quote on facebook or twitter spread some positive messages. People wont get upset. I get more feedback for spreading some “love” then i do with my own work. Why? Cause its up lifting. Stop fighting about what religion you believe in cause honestly.. a certain type of belief should be personal. I hope this helps some people. Cause honestly its the truth. I simple wrote what i consistantly see and give a bit of guidence and understanding. This isnt to knock religion its a simple fact .. let man turn to it when the seed finally starts to grow. Let them find there own way. I did and my understanding seems pretty sensible. I will you all the best.