Official Retirement

With the way the world is heading I will be closing up shop and finding a more meaningful way of life, cameras are fun yes.. but at 2-10k for a piece of plastic and many “photographers” popping up its time to move on before its to late.  I have decided to go back on my old income, and keep this as a secondary income but not buying any new equipment.  With the turn of the events being established in this planet, I find it necessary to think what is better for my family, rather for entertainment.  I will continue to do digital art as a hobby and for paid work when it comes along.  However due to the economical crisis hitting the planet at a rapid rate, it is better to think ahead instead of being ignorant in the present.  After seeing the banks locked up in Cyprus, and other countries thinking of doing the same, USA with there “plan” but major fail as many are loosing there job, I have started preparing for the times to come.  Canada hasn’t been targeted but rather be safe then sorry.  I will fight for REAL honor and I will fight for a just cause.  But wars of greed I have no use for.  Enjoy.  

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