Monthly Archives: February 2013

Spam folder

I had always thought the spam folder was spam…  until I just checked it…. thank you for the kind words and thoughts on some of my written posts… I had recently taken down some of my written posts and will be starting a separate blog dedicated to human life.   I had no idea that some of my spam comments were actual bloggers.  I will frequently keep checking, and start allowing those posts be known.  cheers!  I have approved the comments, you can find them under the about section 🙂

Cleaning up

I have started cleaning up the site a bit, took down the boudoir section al nudity will be removed if there is any nudity in the images there will be a black bar across the regions that need it.  I will be combining a few of the categories, making the site easier to move around in.  I do have a website in the works however the person who is doing the site has been extremely busy.  I figured considering I am still getting asked to work that I would continue shooting for a little while longer.  However, I will only post every so often.  I wish to focus on create pursuits, increasing my talent with digital art.  not every piece will be a masterpiece but its a learning experience.  Please share 🙂