Monthly Archives: April 2012

Happy Easter/Technical issues

Would like to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Easter! 

It was a great day today, went to church, and have a little Easter Egg hunt with Raven my little guy and Lisa.  Had a great dinner at Lisas parents as well.

The Tech issues was a big disaster but no worries pictures HAVE been saved.  A few days ago, my external hard drive crashed it was just over a year old, if had all my work for the past 8 months at least on it.  This hard drive was not supposed to crash and I found out my warranty was only 1 year.  I went into 3 shops each telling my it was gonna cost between $200 – $1500 and after describing the problem they were looking at an easy $600 – $800 to recover the files. So as you may have guessed I have been panicking for the last few days.  I thought for sure I was “screwed”. A few days ago a friend of mine and my tech guy Chase Ward, graduating this year from collage, came over and saved me !  Thank god!  I have heard other photographers in the same state before its not pretty and to have it happen to me, was not pretty.   SO needless to say thankfully it was an external drive and there was other ways to recover the images from other drives that were saved.  So photographers or anyone who have use there computers for work then make sure your images or work then always make sure your work is saved to hard disk.  My suggestion, Blu-ray burner as you can save up to 25 gigs on blu-ray.  I have over 700 000 photos to sort now, and to go through.  So its going to be a long week. 


Happy Hunting!